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Oracle Java Audits – Are You at Risk?

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Recently Oracle announced massive changes to how Oracle Java is licensed.  These changes impact everything from how Java is licensed to how the patches and update system works. Given that Oracle has a history of aggressive audit practices and Java is everywhere, many organizations are very concerned.  Companies are worried about what’s deployed on their networks and

Software Auditors: Top 10 Silly Things They Say

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Software Auditors say lots of silly things that make you shake your head. So much of it is truly laughable if you know their act.  However, I think some Software Auditors actually believe they are saying the truth when they utter these statements.  Sometimes when you are in an audit, you just have to

Software Licensing Assessment – Delay Leads To Regret.

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Regret... We’ve all been there and hate this feeling. I want to talk to you about regret and the software licensing assessment or pre-audit. It’s a truly terrible feeling knowing that you could have done something differently, something that could have changed the way things unfolded.  Maybe, its missing a loved one’s birthday or

SAM Expert Guide to Star Trek and Software Asset Management

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I’ve worked in software asset management with hundreds of SAM teams and helped organizations set up successful SAM practices for almost 25 years. One thing seems to hold true.   Almost all software asset managers are either Star Trek or Star Wars fans. I can appreciate Star Wars but, I'm a Trek geek at heart. Having

SAMS USA – What I Learned from Software Asset Managers

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A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the SAMS USA (Software Asset Management Strategies USA 2018) conference in Chicago.   SAMS USA is a conference that is somewhat new to North America and brings together SAM Practitioners and Software Asset Managers to share their experience and insights.   I was invited to attend as