What are Azure Mobile Services

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services can be defined as a mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) offering from Microsoft. Every mobile application needs to store data, deal with push notifications, service monitoring and authentication. Microsoft azure mobile services allows organizations to get all of this in the form of a “platform as a service” . There is no need to spin up a single server to go live with a mobile application, simply provision a user in the mobile services backend in Azure and that user will have access to all of these features along with a fully programmable node.js or .NET backend.

Windows Azure mobile services are designed to develop highly functional mobile applications. Mobile Services are designed for enabling back-end capabilities for the application.

Mobile Services provide the following features:

  • Easy management of tables for storing data from applications
  • Support for push notifications
  • Notification services integration used for PUSH notifications

Windows Azure mobile services client libraries can be used in Windows Store Apps, Windows Phone, HTML, iOS and Android. Since Mobile Services client libraries are available across various device platforms,  developing applications which can be used by a large number of end-users becomes easier. The feature of data store using tables in Mobile services can be used to save data by one client and made available to other clients.

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