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We’ve built our tool in house to provide you with the data required to avoid wasted spend on Office 365

  • Save money by identifying unused licenses and expensive license redundancies
  • Built by Microsoft Licensing Experts to provide the most accurate data available
  • Identify Users with Multiple Subscriptions
  • Provide details on users who have not used any Office 365 features in 30/60/90 days+
  • Looks for Blocked Users (No longer with your company) who are consuming subscriptions
  • Identify Service Accounts that are assigned Office 365 subscriptions
  • Provides user profile to determine what services are being used by what users

Add Active Directory (AD) Review and Save Even More!

By adding Active Directory Review, you’ll get even more accuracy into your Microsoft Office usage and optimize your licensing even more!

  • Identify and optimize subscriptions assigned to users no longer in AD
  • Spot AD users without 0365 subscriptions
  • Allow to help with charge back billing to department or business units
  • Ensure alignment to profiles within Enterprise Agreements based on AD Attributes

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Savings calculated based on your actual contracted costs with Microsoft, so you know exactly how much you can save


The typical Office 3635 deployment has 15% to 20% of licenses tied up in multiple subscriptions, service accounts, and blocked users who have left the organization – costing these companies thousands of dollars each year. Using the MetrixData 360 Office 365 Reporting Tool, you can save on license waste by reclaiming licenses for users who haven’t used any Office software in 30, 60, or even 90 days, and identify any users who are over or under licensed.  


Understanding Your Use Profile is Key to Optimizing Your Office 365 Licenses and Purchasing the Right Office Licenses for You!


To qualify for this promotion, customers must contact MetrixData 360 to set up an initial consultation by May 31, 2020. Customers will then be eligible for the promotion until June 30, 2020.