How Does Microsoft Azure Work

Azure, previously known as Windows Azure, is the name of Microsoft’s platform for cloud computing. The function of Azure, although it can be broken down into different categories of services is basically  cloud, or off premise computing. Azure as a cloud platform helps in sharing the files and information and compute power to any individual or a group of people without the overhead of purchasing and maintaining internal infrastructure such as servers and the accompanying networking. Depending on where your organization is in the continuous cycle of purchasing, upgrading or replacing on premise computer hardware infrastructure, moving applications, databases or email servers to Azure can potentially decrease costs.  The major services which are being facilitated in Azure are Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) and Platform As a Service (PaaS). Microsoft’s Azure offering has quickly elevated itself to be among the top ranked platforms for cloud computing in the world.

Attractive and business oriented features

There are many features that Azure offers to an organization that assist with moving legacy on site systems, workloads and applications to the cloud.

· OS, frameworks, languages and tools like C, C++, Java, Windows, Linux, Oracle, SQL and many more are natively supported by Azure.

· Azure doesn’t require a specific environment for integration. It automatically adapt with almost any pre established on site IT environment.

· the highest levels of security and privacy for your organization’s sensitive and proprietary customer information, data or intellectual property.

· From light to heavy, Azure can be set up to handle small testing to the biggest business critical workloads. Technical support and other consumer services are available from Microsoft 24×7

. It has a flexible pricing and pricing is based on consumption of the Azure Services.  You pay only for those services consumed.

· Available in many countries globally, Microsoft continues to expand the footprint of Azure facilities to address business and governmental concerns with regards to sensitive data remaining within their own borders.

· Azure allows for organizations to store massive amounts of data. This data can be accessed securely by employees anytime and from anywhere. Your organization maintains tight controls on access level permissions on all data at all times

· For website hosting, Azure provides high density and super fast speed. This ensures content such as video can be delivered to multiple end users accessing the same data at the same time with no loss of fidelity or quality.

This is obviously a very high level introduction to the inner workings of Microsoft’s Azure platform. MetrixData360 is recognized as an industry leader in helping businesses optimize and control costs  for Microsoft Licensing. This includes Azure. Our goal is to help organizations considering moving to Azure make informed decisions about the best and most cost effective way to do so. Microsoft will always tell you that a move to Azure is going to save money and it will propel your business forward. MetrixData360 will look at your businesses current state and compare that against a future technology roadmap. Deep analysis of this information is compared against current licensing agreements, product use rights of software you have already purchased and what implications a move to the cloud could have on future aspirations. We also ensure businesses are made aware of possible costs and licensing challenges that might arise should you need to move information out of Azure and back on premise for any reason

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