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Know someone who could really benefit from MetrixData 360’s services?
MetrixData 360 compensates Referral Partners for qualified leads that turn into MetrixData 360 sales. It’s easy to get started! Sign up to become a Referral Partner. Register your opportunity for the relevant MetrixData 360 offering as outlined in the Program Guide. In addition to initially qualifying the lead, the Referral Partner agrees to introduce MetrixData 360 to the Customer.

Reseller Partner


MetrixData 360 Resellers can very easily help their customers achieve success on their Software Asset Management journey. Resellers may either be “Authorized” or “Premiere” as detailed in the Program Guide.
As trusted advisors to their customers, Resellers will be able to offer numerous elements of our SAM Compass Offering as well as Contract Negotiation and Software Audit Defense services.

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