Who defends you when Software Publishers such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM or SAP come knocking to conduct an audit or a Software Asset Management engagement? – MetrixData360 has your back!

It’s no secret that License audit activity by software publishers continues to rise and they are leaving no stone unturned.

Regardless of what vertical your organization operates in, there is no hiding from the feared software audit. Here at MetrixData 360 we have defended companies in Healthcare, Oil, Gas and resources, big Pharma, non-profit organizations, National airlines, the list goes on and on. We have even helped companies that resell software for the big publishers themselves. When we started assisting companies with software audit defense, the trend, tended to be towards the bigger fortune 500 companies with global presence and 100’s of thousands of employees. While that activity is still going strong, we are seeing a shift in the size of companies being audited to smaller, mid-market organizations.

If your company is facing a software audit, MetrixData 360 can help.

Many companies are paying substantial fines resulting from license compliance engagements. If your business runs software published by Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, IBM, Oracle, or SAP among others, make no mistake, you ARE at risk for a software audit and it’s not a matter of IF you will be audited but, WHEN and by how many publishers.

MetrixData 360, offers full software audit support solutions to help you navigate the tumultuous waters so you can respond to software audit matters with confidence. Nothing shakes up a software auditor more than an organization that can respond from a place of power, with complete understanding of their true license position, while maintaining the stance that every software audit is a negotiation.

Our team of software Asset Management professionals come with extensive experience gained through defending 100’s of companies through software audits. Many of MetrixData’s internal resources are ex-auditors who worked for these software publishers and they know exactly what the auditor’s playbook is. What your rights are, and what you are and are not obligated to provide the software auditors with. Regardless if it is an audit that will be conducted by the software publisher themselves (i.e. Oracle performs their own) or if they are using one of the big consulting firms such as KPMG or Deliotte, don’t be intimidated, MetrixData 360 has you covered!

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