Simplify Your Next Software License Negotiation

MetrixData 360 has a proven track record of helping clients lower their software costs. We’ve helped our clients with software license negotiation with many different publishers including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and IBM. Most companies find software licensing to be complicated, confusing and a bit scary. We can explain the licensing programs in simple terms that align with your business needs and help save you money.

Here’s how we can help with your software license negotiation

We’re licensing experts with experience dealing with software publishers like Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Adobe, Symantec, and Open Text. We can help you learn the inner workings of your software vendor. How their sales teams operate, and how licensing programs are designed to sell you what the publisher wants and not necessarily what your company needs.

When it comes to software licensing, knowing what you don’t need is often more important than what you do need. Therefore, we’re really good at creating multiple licensing scenarios that are customized to the way you use software both now and how you project to use it in the future. Once we have these details, we develop predefined “user profiles.” This leads to the un-bundling of software so you don’t purchase unneeded licenses and ultimately leads to big monetary savings.

We simplify complex licensing scenarios and translate “software publisher speak” into plain business language. This helps to identify what their sales team won’t tell you and often doesn’t want to tell you.

We review the legal terms of your software contract so that you can understand exactly what you are committed to. This helps to ensure your compliance based on the terms in your software contract.

One common area of software license negotiation is “paying for only the software you need” instead of buying a bundle of software you don’t. For example, Microsoft 365 comes with Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, Office and a variety of other products, but an entire department of your company may only use Exchange. We’ll be able to help you develop a strategy to decrease costs based on this type of scenario.

Are you currently negotiating a software license for your company? Will you be in the future?

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