Software License Self Assessment

MetrixData 360 Self Audit

Being prepared for a software audit is critical. Your company needs to know its software license position with the major vendors. You need to understand your license requirements and product use rights. You need to know how the software is being deployed and how many licensable instances your organization is using. Vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP are preying on companies that they suspect don’t understand these things. The best way to be prepared for a software audit is to conduct a self- assessment or software license self audit.

MetrixData 360 has conducted hundreds of software self-assessments. We’ve looked at software from all the major publishers, as well as industry specific software vendors. Our self-audits are always performed by a professional with a background in auditing for that specific vendor.

Let’s Talk About How a Self-Assessment Could Save Your Company Money!

MetrixData 360’s Software License Self Audit

We will conduct a software license self audit that mimics the same process publishers use when doing their formal audits. MetrixData 360 will look at your licensing and deployment data and do a full analysis of your contracts and records of what is owned. This will give you an ultra-conservative first pass to show exactly what your organization should expect in the early stages. This part of the process can be scary for clients because it can reveal potentially large financial exposures. Our analysis includes on on-site software, as well as datacenters and cloud-based applications. In the age of cloud computing we pay greater attention to usage patterns for all cloud deployments.

Our audit specialist will then get to work refining the initial findings. They’ll use their extensive knowledge to ensure that all deployments are accounted for. We’ll make sure that double licensing hasn’t occurred and that the rules and use rights are being fully examined. This will ensure each instance of each title is being used in an optimal, cost efficient manner.

Each self-assessment reveals some areas that we refer to as “grey area”. These are areas where the rules around use (i.e. Access, virtualization etc.) are not clearly defined. In an audit situation, these grey areas are almost always brought forward in a way that is to the software publisher’s advantage. MetrixData 360, will help document the story of how the software is being used and explain it based on our interpretation of the rules. In a real audit, these grey area findings can sometimes account for as much as 40% of an overall compliance deficit. Knowing this, and having an explanation in advance, can lead to big savings in both valuable time for your staff as well as non-budgeted audit costs.

Finally, MetrixData will provide a full report that will include recommendations on purchases to make to eradicate any compliance gaps that we might find as we’ll provide a full report that will include any purchases needed. We’ll also include ways your organization can minimize license requirements. This analysis report is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It not only contains the information to help you sleep better at night, but will also unearth ways that your company can save money.

It is not uncommon for the entire self-audit process to reveal anywhere from 20-30% savings per software publisher that we do the analysis on.