You’d be surprised to know, that even though our work is with Fortune 500 companies, all the way down to smaller organizations of 300 people, that it’s incredible that we find, that even today, that most organizations, even with large procurement shops and large IT organizations, do not prep appropriately for their negotiations with Microsoft. This is definitely one of the key things that we find drives cost out of your contracts with Microsoft. In fact, one of the things that we say all the time, is, “Knowing what you don’t need is more important than knowing what you do need.” When it comes to negotiating with Microsoft, it’s very important to put a team together to go through an entire process of understanding, not just what it is that you’re using today, and how you’re using that technology, but also, what your plans are for tomorrow and beyond. For instance, if you’re looking at purchasing Office 365, you really want to put together a team to look at, “What does Office 365 mean to us, as an organization?” Find out how to answer these questions and more through our Learning Center.

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