The number three thing that I learned from Microsoft in 2015 is, it’s all about Microsoft. They really don’t care about you. I know that sounds harsh, but it truly is. Over the last few years, Microsoft has made a number of changes. Again, this is public, you can read this stuff over the internet. They’ve made a number of changes to their compensation plans, to their HR plans. They’re becoming a much more aggressive organization than they were 5, 6 years ago when it comes to sales. Back then it really was about customer satisfaction, making sure that they didn’t have a perception of being the big, bad, mean Microsoft in the marketplace. As revenue growth is slowing, even if you look at their annual report, you will see that their core business, revenue growth is slowing in things like Office and Windows licensing. Yes, they are getting huge spikes on say things like Azure and Office 365 and cloud-based technologies, but their revenues are shrinking. For deep dives and insights into the world of Software Management, check our Learning Center.

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