When To Use Azure Queue

Azure Queues are a RESTful service that you can use to set in queue or take out of queue messages or allow for administration (create, delete) of queues. There are many language-specific wrapper APIs available, so it is possible to develop in one of many languages instead of sending REST calls directly – Currently, .NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby and Python are officially available. Azure Queues are a part of the Storage Service that unites Blobs, Tables and Queues under one storage account.

Azure Queues are a charged service that are pay-per-use depending on the desired redundancy level, required storage space, and the number of transactions (e.g. read, write, delete). The following are criteria that factor into the consumption pricing for using Azure queues

  • Local redundancy (no replication to a separated data center)
  • You process 20,000 messages a day (‘process’ in this case means inserting, reading and deleting them)
  • Each message with a 40 kb payload (780 mb / day)

An Azure Queue using the above listed criteria would generate approximate monthly charges of $3.00

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