What are Azure Compute Hours

Azure Compute hours are the measurable hours or, time that your process (Hosted by Azure) is loaded and executing. Compute hours are one of the two main metrics that are used to determine monthly azure costs.  Charges are calculated by a combination of Compute Hours and total bandwidth consumed.

As an example, think about a virtual machine. When that virtual machine is spun up, even in a stopped state, the virtual machine is allocated, you’re being charged. You can easily start and stop apps within that virtual machine instance:  It could be a web application or a background rendering process. Whether you’re burning 0% CPU or 100% CPU, you are clocking hours for that virtual machine. This time would be considered measurable hours and this combined with bandwidth consumed would determine the costs of using Azure.

Note: even with Cloud Services (web and worker roles), you’re ultimately dealing with virtual machines. Each instance of a web role or worker role is its own Windows Server virtual machine.

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