Azure Hybrid Use Benefit Reporting

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By using the Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB), which was formerly known as the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB) organizations can save upwards of 40% on their Windows Compute or SQL costs within Azure. The key to realizing these savings is having an Azure Report that provides visibility into your Azure Instances and can distinguish if

Windows Licensing Changes for Dedicated Hosts

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On August 1st, 2019 Microsoft announced changes to their licensing rules for customers utilizing bring your own licenses (BYOL) on dedicated hosts in AWS, Google, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud environments.  These licensing rule changes come into effect on October 1st, 2019.  While these changes will primarily impact Windows and SQL Servers - other Microsoft technology

Microsoft Audit Penalties

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Recently I have been asked a lot about Microsoft Audit Penalties and what they are in a Microsoft Audit.  In the past I wrote 10 Powerful Tips for dealing with Audits, today I’m going to focus on penalties and a few tools that are useful during audits or Microsoft License Verification Process. Microsoft has two

Oracle Java Audits – Are You at Risk?

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Recently Oracle announced massive changes to how Oracle Java is licensed.  These changes impact everything from how Java is licensed to how the patches and update system works. Given that Oracle has a history of aggressive audit practices and Java is everywhere, many organizations are very concerned.  Companies are worried about what’s deployed on their networks and