Who is MetrixData 360?

MextrixData 360 helps you solve your toughest challenges around Software Audits, Contract Negotiations, and Software Asset Management.

If you are like most of our clients, you struggle to understand how your Software Vendors seem to have more data on your organization than you do. You are under the constant pressure of having to reduce your IT budget, while all your suppliers are increasing pricing and looking for more money from you. We are here to show you how you can use your own data to reduce the costs of your software contracts, win (painless) software audits, how to use processes, people, and tools to drive costs out of your software spend and put it back into your IT Budget.

MetrixData 360 is all about you and your data. We work to solve your biggest challenges, by taking a data-first approach and adopting best practices around processes and tools. In short? We help you get results!

Metrixdata 360 & Software Asset Management (SAM)

When MetrixData 360 first started out, we were focused on saving our clients money by negotiating the best software contracts we could for them. We used an approach that was unique (at the time), looking at deployment data and technical roadmaps to figure out what our clients needed vs. what software vendors wanted to sell them. As are result of the demonstrated success in saving our clients 20%, 30% and sometimes even 40% or more, clients would come back and ask us to defend them in software audits, trusting our proven expertise in software licensing.

It was when we began to work in software audits that we realized the biggest rewards (savings) came from the things that were the hardest to do. We also realized that nobody wanted to do those things, as they were time-consuming and, well to be honest, almost impossible to do.

MetrixData 360 spent a lot of time-solving these complex problems for our clients, sometimes we didn’t even know why or what we were doing… but we had the tenacity and focus on getting our clients the best results and making sure they knew their inventory and license use better than the vendors themselves.

Since this time, we have become trusted partners with some of the largest brands on the planet. Our clients continue to come to us to solve their most complicated SAM problems. Whether it’s a challenge in negotiating a software renewal, defending a software audit or building out a SAM program – our clients’ trust and know that we are there for them.

We are proud of our tenacious spirit and ability to leverage our considerable expertise/skillsets in figuring out how to solve our clients’ most complicated licensing issues. Our commitment is firmly rooted in being a customer-centered value-based organization that is driven by a love of SAM. One of the things we do best is teach – we don’t just solve your problems, we teach you what we did, why we did it and show you how you can do it for yourself in the future.

Types of Solutions We Offer

Many of our clients work with us on a project basis. They come to us with a specific problem around a single vendor and we work with them exclusively on that. This could be a Microsoft EA renewal, an IBM ILMT-based Audit, or a need to implement a SAM Tool such as ServiceNow SAM Pro.

Managed SAM Service

Some of our clients simply do not have the in-house resources or recognize that the resources they do have, do not posses the needed expertise to deliver these services effectively. For these clients, we developed our managed SAM Service, where we deliver an entire SAM program for them. They just hand it over to us and we take care of it for them.

Active Directory Tool

We also found that when we were working with our various clients that we were solving the same problems over and over – and we were doing it manually. I’m sure you can imagine that realization was painful. As such, we invested in developing proprietary toolsets and algorithms that became key in our ability to do more for clients – more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Solving the biggest challenges for our clients are the ones that yield the biggest returns. Our Active Directory tool is a great example of this.

Every audit we were involved in, the very first demand from the auditors was a view of client’s Active Directory – which would painstaking then need to be reviewed line by line to ensure erroneous data wasn’t included for the auditors to count as licenses. Now our logic and resulting automation (algorithms) allow us to accomplish this phase of any audit in roughly 10% of the time we used to spend to determine what is licensable. Manual errors and/or oversights are also eliminated as a factor thanks to this investment.

As we grew, we learned that SAM required many different skills. To name just a few: inventory, data analysis, legal reviews of software contracts, understanding IT architecture, vendor program changes, expertise on the different software companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, VMWare, etc. It is impossible to have an internal resource that possess knowledge in all of these areas.

MetrixData 360’s team of experts works with each client engagement as a collaborative team with the client’s resources, ensuring that the right skill set is available at the right time to solve the problem at hand. This team approach combined with our commitment to continuous learning and education for our clients truly sets us apart.

Free Resources

On our website, you will find articles and blogs that contain a vast array of industry information. We are constantly adding new information to help you with your SAM initiatives. Our YouTube channel – The SAM Channel will have new videos every week talking about all things SAM. MetrixData 360 also offers regular webinars that dive deep into trending hot topics in the SAM space. Our people do not hold back, we are going to tell you exactly what we think and how we do things, so you will not want to miss these webinars.

Beat Your Software Vendors at Their Own Game

Our team at MetrixData 360 have created some of the most unique solutions in the market, changing the way that our clients look at Software Asset Management. By solving the data problems first versus implementing a process or tool (that ultimately doesn’t work due to data quality issues) we are getting clients real results.

Instead of spending $100’s of thousands on tools and consulting without a clear return – our clients work with us to solve the real problems that return money to their IT budgets. We embrace our teaching culture to educate our clients on how they can get the same results for themselves in the future.

With our wide range of customizable services and solutions available – Contract NegotiationAudit DefenseCloud Sizing,
Software Asset Management Services
 and more – find out how MetrixData 360 can help you achieve your goals and but money back into your IT Budget!

If you are looking for more information you can head to any of the services above or head over to our learning center to look for more information on a variety of topics related to Software Asset Management.

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