Microsoft Audit Penalties: The High Cost of Software Audits


If you’re found non-compliant in a Microsoft Audit you’ll be faced with fines as outlined in your software contract. In this video, SAM Expert Mike Austin explains how Microsoft calculates those audit penalties and how you can make sure you’re not paying more than you’re obligated to. If you’d like to explore the penalties in deeper detail, feel free to download our Microsoft PDF below the video.

Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Audits and Audit Penalties:

Ever wonder what one of these ‘SAM engagements’ could end up costing your organization’s pocket book at the end of the day? Would you like to know if it’s necessary to respond to them? Fill out the find out:

  • What are the biggest costs in a Microsoft audit?
  • Where to find help in reducing penalty costs
  • The differences between a Microsoft SAM Engagement Vs. Software Audit

About Mike Austin

Mike Austin is the CEO and team lead here at MetrixData 360. Mike brings more than 15 years of Microsoft licensing experience to his clients’ projects. He assists companies with negotiations of Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA), Premier Support Contracts, and Select Agreements, from Fortune 500 to organizations with as few as 500 employees. Mike's vast experience across multiple industries including financial services, high tech, manufacturing, media, health care, government, and retail give him an edge in any business environment. In addition to helping negotiate contracts, he assists clients with creating and implementing software asset management processes to prevent over-purchasing of licenses and ensures terms and conditions reflect actual usage.