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Our SQL Server Self-Assessment is designed to give you peace of mind. We do all the heavy lifting.
MetrixData 360’s SAP Licensing Self-Assessment services are designed to optimize your organization’s total cost of ownership, minimize compliance exposure, and identify cost efficiencies.
Who will defend you when Software Publishers such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, or SAP come knocking to conduct a software audit or a Software Asset Management engagement?
Your organization isn’t currently under an active audit by a software publisher, but you are concerned that one is coming or that you may be non-compliant, and you just want to get ahead of it.
We can determine qualified devices and qualified users in your Active Directory, which can be set to either standard or specific criteria and used to obtain accurate information.
Our Azure Reporting tool is custom-tailored to decipher Azure’s complex pricing and break it down into easy to understand and utilize information.
Our algorithm will provide a comprehensive view of your SQL Server licenses, taking months of work and cutting it down to a few minutes.
When your Windows Server is uploaded to our tool, it can provide a complete picture for your deployments, including the relationships between Virtual Machines, Physical Hosts, Clusters, and Datacenters.
For customers who wish to benefit from IBM’s sub-capacity licensing terms, ILMT is one of the compulsory requirements. Through our service, we will ensure that any audit will be conducted fairly.
When it comes to IBM audits and contract renewals, our team consist of ex-IBMers who are continuously renewing their expertise in order to create a level playing field for our customers.
We will give you the visibility that you need to finally take control of both compliance and managing costs related to Oracle software.
We have an intimate knowledge of how Software publishers and auditors approach each negotiation, allowing us to avoid the common tactics and pitfalls that cost companies millions of dollars.
Before signing into a massive contract or a licensing agreement that has been specifically tailored to take your money, let the experts at MetrixData 360 strike the best deal for your needs.
Having Trouble Managing Your Office 365 Account? Meet SLIM 360.
With SLIM 360 you see how many assigned licenses are actually being used, so you can reorganize your licensing faster, cheaper, and with high confidence that you’re not wasting any resources.
Our Software Asset Management-as-a-Service offering, SAM Compass, is a totally unique and proven service powered by the most cohesive SAM inventory platform.