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Our tool can take a variety of different deployment data throughout your software environment, including data pulled from your own SAM tool and your Active Directory. Once the data is uploaded, our algorithm provides you with an analysis on your SQL Servers.

It really is that easy.

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SQL Server Licensing may be one of the most confusing license models that Microsoft has today. Even the biggest SAM tools on the market have a hard time truly optimizing SQL Server licensing. Usually what other tools will do is they will produce a simplified version of the data that doesn’t provide the in-depth analysis customers need to take meaningful action to organize their SQL Servers. Our algorithm will provide a comprehensive view of your SQL Server Licenses, taking months of work and cutting it down to a few minutes. This is done to ensure your SQL Licensing is completed in the most cost-effective way possible, regardless of if you are on-premise, in the cloud, have Software Assurance, purchasing through an EA or a Server and Cloud Enrolment (SCE).

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How Does the Tool Work?

Our tool can take a variety of different deployment data throughout your software environment, including data pulled from your own SAM tool and your Active Directory. Once the data is uploaded, our algorithm provides you with an analysis on your SQL Servers that includes:

  • The number of SQL servers in your environment
  • The versions, arranged by the highest version on each device
  • The editions, arranged by the highest edition on each device
  • Whether High Available has been enabled (allowing for Virtual Machines to move around from host to host)
  • Whether the SQL server is a physical machine or a Virtual Machine on a host
  • For Virtual Machines, if licensing the host or the VM would be the most cost effective
  • Virtualization Metrics including number of clusters, hosts, physical machines, number of VMs with hosts identified, number of orphaned VMs that are either licensable and non-licenseable
  • How much is production and how much is non-production
  • Calculations for True-Up costs based on customizable scenarios
  • Device State
  • Operating System
  • Raw Software Title
  • OS Type
  • Product Name
  • Service*
  • What is the most cost-effective way to license for your unique scenario?
  • Any other customizable queries that you might have
  • Number of deployed SQL Servers with unknown editions or versions
  • The number of processors and cores, how many cores are licensed, how many are unlicensed and what those unlicensed cores will cost you

*Many people assume that the database is the only element of a SQL server that needs to be licensed. However, there are at least seven Services that can installed on the SQL Server, such as Server Database Engine (DB), SQL Server R Services for Windows, Master Data Services (MDS), Analysis Services (AS), Integration Services (IS), Reporting Services (RS) and DataQuality Services (DQS), all of which are licensable. If you have multiple services installed than you will need to have just one license to accommodate for the most recent service. Many companies will spread out these services over a variety of SQL servers in order to improve performance, not knowing that any server hosting a Service needs to be licensed for that Service.

Key Benefits of our SQL Server Licensing and Optimization Tool


Our tool is powered by the logic of our meticulously crafted algorithm and our handpicked team of specialized experts. You can trust the accuracy of the data that the SQL Server License + Optimization tool produces. Where other SAM tools fall short in their ability to provide you with simple (and often inaccurate) visibility, we have spent years carefully crafting our tool to provide not only a clear picture but also can calculate how best to license your SQL Servers based on your unique infrastructure.


The SQL Server License + Optimization tool can cut down months of manually counting, puzzling, and general confusion down to a matter of minutes with just the simple uploading of a few reports. It is easy and efficient and provides you with meaningful and useful results in return.


We understand the sensitivity of your data and the often-delicate nature of your organization’s software infrastructure, which is why we take the protection of your data and the integrity of your infrastructure very seriously. Our tool is designed so that it is not necessary to have it interact with your software infrastructure in any way. We can run our tool simply using the reports you provide for us and we will arrange a non-disclosure agreement with our clients before your data is handed over to us. This way you can rest assured that your data will only stay between us.


We can provide a meaningful look into your software environment as you’ve never seen it before, providing you with the information needed to fill in many of the gaps in your environment, allowing you to find out what you need to license. We can also pinpoint unknown elements in your environment, which will be critical to resolve before a software audit since the auditors will take these unknown elements and assume the most expensive outcome (ie. If a SQL version is unknown the auditors will assume that it is Enterprise, which is the most expensive when it very well could be Developer or Express, which is free). Our expertise lies in finding answers to your toughest questions. Many other Software Asset Management tools provide you with a shallow, surface-level look to your environment but our SQL Optimization tool dives deeper and gives you a glance into the darkest realm of your software environment.

More Tools for More Savings

Like what you see? If the SQL Server License + Optimization tool has caught your attention then it is also important to mention that our clients usually find the best value with pairing a few of our tools together to be use in tandem while puzzling out the unique issues of your software environment. Tools that pair particularly well with our SQL Server Optimization tool that are also available for purchase can be found below:

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Azure Usage Tool

For when you have difficulty tracking your spending in Azure and would like to find saving opportunities to assure that Azure is the most cost-effective option for you.

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Active Directory Reporting Tool

Active Directories have the tendency to be unorganized and filled with noise. Our tool cuts back the noise and helps you find what you actually have in your software environment and if it’s over licensed or under-licensed.

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