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Unleashing the Power of the Windows Server Optimizer with Metrixdata360

Microsoft Windows Server involves some of the most complicated licensing rules in the software industry. As such, it can lead to the greatest frustration and most expensive compliance gaps. We have had customers who thought they had a few thousand dollars in Windows Server True-Up costs only to discover they owed Microsoft more than a million dollars! It’s important to avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to your software, which is why MetrixData 360 is pleased to offer our Windows Server Optimization Tool. The Optimization Tool comes with many functions and capabilities including:

  • Being able to keep you aware of your on-going licenses
  • Ensuring you are compliant while fully optimized
  • Handling all the heavy lifting of applying the complicated licensing rules to your Windows Server Environment to help you better maintain compliance and optimized.

Rest easy at night knowing that the Windows Server Optimization Tool has everything under control.

How Does the Tool Work?

When your Windows Server and Virtualization data is uploaded to our tool, it can provide a complete picture for your deployments, including the relationships between Virtual Machines, Physical Hosts, Clusters, and Datacenters. Once that is established, it is possible to apply the optimization logic to one or more potential licensing scenarios. This will allow the user to adjust various parameters to provide different pricing options and forecast your license position. This could have a significant impact on your forecasted license position and calculates pricing options. A few scenario parameters which can be adjusted on the Optimization Tool include:

  • Your Contract type (EA, SCE, SPLA),
  • Your Licensing Strategy (Datacenter on Host or Cost Optimized by “stacking” Standard where possible),
  • Include/Exclude Non-Production

The Windows Server License Optimization Tool is then able to generate reports which indicate the most cost-effective licensing scenario. In addition, the report can provide an examination of trends over time and provide a detailed breakdown for a selected scenario, such as:

  • Required true-up, if any
  • License position
  • Available opportunities for optimization
  • Breakdown by edition, version, domain, environment
  • License breakdown by cluster highlighting license consumption reduction opportunities

The Windows Server License Optimization Tool and its reports is both easy to use and consume, but if you would like an expert opinion, we also offer an analysis from our experts. We will walk you through what the data is saying and where we believe savings or compliance issues can be found. Through this practice, we have saved our clients millions of dollars and millions more in potential compliance risks by ensuring they buy exactly what they need. Nothing more and nothing less. If you would like to read about our success stories, you can check out our Client Success Page

Key Benefits of the Windows Server Optimization Tool

Easy and Safe to Use

When using our Windows Server License Optimization tool, you will find that it is a simple, straightforward experience in an industry that is often riddled with frustration and confusion. We understand and value the need to maintain your data’s integrity and so our tool does not require access to your software environment. Simply upload the data into our tool and the rest will be left up to us. We also make sure that our clients sign confidentiality agreements with us before handing over their data to ensure that when you give it to us it goes no further.

Detailed and Fast Results

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with tangible data that can actually be used as opposed to the high-theory and vague reassurances provided by other SAM tool vendors in our industry. the data our tool provides you will give you a clear outline of how best to optimize your licenses and clear away licenses that you don’t need.


Microsoft is constantly making changes to their Windows Server licensing models, and it’s important that the tool used to track your windows servers is up to date on these changes. Where others in our industry are typically two or three versions behind the latest model, at MetrixData 360, we pride ourselves on being the front runners of our industry and making sure that our tool is up-to-date, even before the licensing changes have been fully implemented. Our tool is easily adjustable to these changes, so you can rest assured that the tool that you are using is able to keep up with the times, no matter how many changes Microsoft cares is to implement you’ll always be right behind them.

For more information about our services or our tools, you can contact us today and we will get back to you in under 48 hours.

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Rein in Your Windows Server Spending

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