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Case Study: Training Industry

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Company Size:

2500-5000 employees
Pain Points:
The company needed assistance realigning its on-premises licenses into Azure and optimizing its licenses as it transitioned to a new agreement. Negotiating the best price was also a challenge.
Positive Feedback about MetrixData 360:
The company appreciated the negotiation points provided by MetrixData 360, helping them request better pricing from Microsoft. The ongoing support and insights were valuable.
Service Provided:
MetrixData 360 provided the services “SLIM360 for O365 & Azure.”
Specific SKU/Service Involved:
The company’s licenses included O365, Azure, and on-premises CIS Server licenses.
By creating a cost model, MetrixData 360 identified substantial savings that could be achieved through realignment and optimization.
Savings Achieved:
The company saved around $400,000 from its current agreement, with potential annual savings of $965,000 on O365 and $118,000 on Azure.
Areas of Savings:
The areas of savings were related to O365, Azure, and on-premises CIS Server licenses.
Savings Breakdown:
A significant portion of savings was achieved through the cost model’s insights.
Costs Avoided:
The company avoided costs of about $1.4 million.
The engagement lasted 3 months and was a one-time engagement focused on the transition and optimization process.
Best Future Fit Service:
For this client, the best future-fit service would be either “SAM Compass” or “O365/Azure” services.

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