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Case Study: Transportation Industry

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Company Size:

Pain Points:
The company struggled with understanding its SQL deployments and ensuring compliance with regulations. They needed insights into optimization possibilities.
Positive Feedback about MetrixData 360:
The company was impressed with the insights provided by MetrixData 360, which helped them identify optimization opportunities and ensure compliance.
Service Provided:
MetrixData 360 provided the service “MAP” (Metrix Assessment Platform).
Specific SKU/Service Involved:
The SQL Server workloads used SQL Server Enterprise and SQL Standard licenses.
The SQL Server deployments were found to be non-compliant with licensing requirements, as they were using a mix of SQL Server Enterprise and SQL Standard licenses.
Savings Achieved:
While the exact dollar amount couldn’t be determined due to missing data, it was estimated that the company could save around $200,000.
Areas of Savings:
The areas of potential savings were identified within the SQL Enterprise workloads.
Savings Breakdown:
The exact amount saved through discounts versus optimization wasn’t specified.
Costs Avoided:
The cost avoided for the client was not provided.
The engagement lasted for 2 months.

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