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Demystifying Virtual Desktop Licensing

Unlocking the Mystery: Virtual Desktop Licensing Explained by Industry Experts

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure licensing can be convoluted and confusing!  Often organizations believe they are licensed correctly only to discover that they are out of compliance.

Join Mike Austin as he shares his insights and cuts through the confusing jargon with straight talk!   Mike Austin has been involved in countless Microsoft negotiations and audits and has negotiated over $1B in software cost reductions.

Trusted globally by some of the world’s most well-known enterprise companies, MetrixData360 is the leading provider of expertise and negotiation services around Enterprise software contracts. Combining an unparalleled knowledge of the DNA that make up software agreements with the ability to understand company’s individual requirements, MetrixData360 is able to drive out significant costs and align agreements to business priorities NOT to those of software vendors and their programmatic objectives. Using technology, process and knowledge derived from the analysis and negotiation of more than a thousand contracts, we help put explanation around the unknowns that create compliance gaps and control spiraling costs associated with Enterprise software agreements.

Give Your Microsoft 365 Licensing a Health Check

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