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Microsoft Roaming Rights will be changed

Understanding Changes to Microsoft Roaming Rights: Insights from February’s Product Terms Document

February’s Microsoft Product Terms Document brings significant changes to how Microsoft Roaming Rights will be handled for Windows Enterprise and VDA.

From the February Product Terms:

4.14 Roaming Rights Retirement for Windows Enterprise and Windows VDA

Customers with active SA for Windows Enterprise or Windows VDA retain Roaming Rights through the later of:

  • the end of their existing Enrollment or Agreement term, or
  • January 31, 2017

Current Licensing Requirements for Windows VDA Roaming Use Rights As per Microsoft licensing Brief:

Windows VDA Rights allow for a licensed device or user to access virtual Windows desktops either remotely and/or locally, depending on how the device or user is licensed. You can license devices or users for Windows VDA rights in the following ways:

– License devices with Windows Software Assurance or Windows VDA subscription on a per device basis.

– License users with Windows Software Assurance or Windows VDA subscription on a per user basis.

 Roaming Use Definition

The single primary user of the device licensed with active Windows Software Assurance or Windows VDA subscription (work device) can do the following:

At any one time, remotely access one or more of the permitted instances running on your servers (for example, in your data center) from a third-party device.

At any one time, run one instance of the software in a virtual OSE on a qualifying third-party device.

When the primary user is on your or your affiliates’ company premises, Roaming Use Rights are not applicable.

These Windows VDA Rights and the corresponding Roaming Use Rights are non-perpetual and are only active as long as the underlying Software Assurance for Windows, Windows VDA subscription, and/or Windows CSL is active.

Potential Licensing Impact: A Per-User VDA subscription will also be required for Roaming Use rights.

If you have questions or concerns about the impact of this change we encourage you to contact one of our unbiased licensing experts for a free initial consultation.

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