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What Your SAM Tool Vendor Isn’t Telling you

Beyond the Hype: Unveiling the Reality of SAM Tools and the Essential Components of Effective Asset Management Solutions

SAM Tool (Software Asset Management tool) vendors would lead you to believe that their solution is the silver bullet.  In our experience the SAM Tool is only one of the many components in a robust asset management solution.  We will dig into the issues around software deployment data and the gaps in the data these tools provide. We have even created our own tools in response to these gaps.

Join Mike Austin as he shares his insights and cuts through the confusing jargon with straight talk!   Mike Austin has been involved in countless Microsoft negotiations and audits and has negotiated over $1B in software cost reductions.

There are certain things that auditors will keep from you. It may be the weaknesses in the tools they use to collect your data, it could be the many changes to the terms of service that vendors implement without warning; regardless of what the information they withhold is, it is almost guaranteed that it will play against you during an audit. The solution, then, is to have more and better information than they have.

The best way to ensure that you have the most accurate data to combat an audit is to hire an expert. A SAM expert will know what data to find, and where to find it. They will also know how to apply licensing metrics to that data, allowing for a cleaner, more accurate estimated licensing position. The more accurate your data, the less your organization will be subject to the seemingly arbitrary fees and compliance gaps auditors often find.

If you are concerned about an impending software audit from a vendor, or would just like to be prepared, contact MetrixData360 today to book a free consultation.

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