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Windows Server 2016 Core Conversion Optimization Offer

Our overall analysis of more than 17,000 Windows servers is that the actual price increase in Windows Server Licensing Changes is in excess of 24%

  • A $9,500 USD, One time fee to review your Windows Server deployments and provide a report on how to optimize your server licenses.
  • $5,000 USD to add System Center.
  • We will utilize MAP, RV Tools or SAM Compass (Included in the fee) to build the data set.
  • Your technical team runs MAP/RV Tools.  MetrixData360 will provide guidance and SAM Compass will assist with an installation of their tool.
  • MetrixData360 will analyze your license position and create an optimized license model for current (2012 rules) and future (2016 Cores)
  • MetrixData360 will analyze your data and build a 2003 (preparation for migration) report.
  • Finally, MetrixData360 will create a custom core grant model and prepare your asks to Microsoft.

Give Your Microsoft 365 Licensing a Health Check

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