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Petroleum Sector: Controlling and Reducing Microsoft Licensing Costs

Navigating the Oil Price Plunge: How MetrixData360 Helps Petroleum Industry Save Millions on Microsoft Licensing Costs

The plunge in oil prices has put any IT spending under unprecedented scrutiny and IT departments under the gun to deliver more with less.  All organizations involved in the petroleum industry have been faced with major project delays/cancellations and significant layoffs/downsizing.  During this downturn every dollar saved is important and MetrixData360 helps save our clients millions.  MetrixData360 specializes in to controlling and reducing Microsoft licensing costs.

Mike Austin, Vice President of Service Delivery at MetrixData360 will share his knowledge and insights from over 15 years of Microsoft licensing including over 8 years of employment by Microsoft in a variety of licensing related roles.

You will learn: Can you really downsize your Microsoft licensing footprint due to layoffs? Can you change your Microsoft contact mid-term or do you need to wait for the renewal date? What are the risks of dropping Software Assurance and not renewing an EA? If you are at risk of a software audit due to the Petroleum downturn!

This presentation will provide you with key insights to: Avoid overbuying Microsoft licenses,  reduce your Microsoft licensing costs and ensure software licensing compliance.

If you still have questions regarding controlling and reducing licensing costs, reach out to us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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