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As a professional IT person, you know Office 365 licensing is confusing and you worry that Microsoft has oversold you. You build a great IT department. We save you money on licenses.

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Many of our customers have strict NDAs in place and we fully respect that – a large selection of clients are available as references upon request.

Case Studies

Oil Gas Cost Reductions 1
Oil Gas User Reduction

An Oil & Gas Services Company went from purchasing more licenses than the number of employees they had to a reduction in users and a 39% reduction in costs in less than 6 months.

“When we signed the EA we listened to what our Microsoft and reseller Reps told us we should buy.  We never should have.  We over-paid for 3 years.  Money we will never get back.  I was shocked when I saw the results.  Almost 400 users that never used Office 365 at all.  We thought everyone used email, but when we investigated we were shocked.  Our field service reps never used a single Office 365 service.  We were able to change the license we bought for them and save significant money.”

Oil and Gas Services Company

Pharma Users Profiles

At a pharmaceutical company, the business was pressuring IT to find budget cuts anywhere possible.  They never thought to look at Office 365 as they felt they were correctly licensed.  They ended up identifying 11% of their subscriptions that were unused and reduced costs by $225,000.

“If you asked me again, I’m still not sure I’d believe it.  1000 Users not using at least email!  It was true, we had the data needed to investigate it.  I was shocked to find not only Accounts that were not active or even humans that had licenses but that we also had a large population of employees in our distribution centers that didn’t even use a single Office 365 service”

– Director of IT Procurement

Thermo O365

With over 96,000 Office 365 Subscriptions assigned in the Office 365 Tenant but only 87,000 employees this Research and Scientific Sales Company wasn’t happy with Microsoft. In less than 4 months, they identified waste in how they were assigning subscriptions and also found savings of 11% (over $2M annually).

“Amazing is all I can say.  With a few minutes’ effort to download reports out of our tenant, we received useful data that helped us find waste and reduced our costs by over $2M annually.  We couldn’t have done this by ourselves.”

– VP Infrastructure


You Could Save 20% or More

Clients without an up-to-date SAM policy are regularly paying 20% or more than necessary for their Office 365. Our tool roots out those extra licensing costs so you can reclaim that money and put it to better use.

Data Backed Decision Making

Visibility into your organization’s Office 365 licensing gives you the edge in making seamless licensing choices. Make decisions based on your actual data and feel confident you will not impact your end-users.

Save Time, Save Money

Time is money, meaning saving hours of data gathering and analysis translates into thousands of dollars. Decrease the amount of time required to analyze Office 365 use and instead work on more pressing priorities.


Simple to Use

Don’t waste hours trying to understand reports Microsoft provides to you that don’t give you data to make decisions.  There is also no need to be an excel jedi, writing vlookups and macros.  Simply upload your Office 365 data and get the reports sent to you instantly.

Tenant Report
Thermo O365

Easy to Understand

Review the reports provided to you and identify un-required subscriptions and free those up to save money.

Actionable Changes to Save You Money

Do a complete 360 degree review of your data and make money saving changes to your subscriptions. Get peace of mind knowing that you have made decisions based on your data and that your end-users will not be impacted.

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  • 12-month subscription to Office 365 Optimization Tool
  • Reports to show you unused subscriptions that can be reclaimed
  • User Profile data to show you which Office 365 subscription users require
  • Bonus:  Access to MetrixData 360 Licensing Experts to ask questions on Office 365 Licensing
  • Bonus:  A monthly video going over your reports with recommendations
  • Bonus:  A benchmark of your Microsoft contract

Note:  We can only work with 40 clients to provide the bonuses.  These are going to go fast.  Our Licensing experts support our clients with a high level of service and our consulting customer pay a lot more for these tools than you will get them for, but this is also the reason for the limited quantity.  Our team can only provide the high level of service we offer to a select number of Office 365 Optimization Tool clients.  If you miss out on one of the 40 spots, don’t worry you can still get access to the tool and the reports, you just wont receive our monthly recommendations.

Book a Demo or Call to Get a Price


The cost is based on the number of users you have. Please book a call/demo with one of our team members to get your price.

Please free to book a demo for us to show your team. Our Customer Support Reps also have an ROI calculator that they can help you with to show you the estimated return on your investment in the tool.

We have helped over 200 companies save money on their Microsoft licenses.  We analyzed over 500,000 subscriptions (and counting) of Office 365 savings on average 25%.

We will run out of the 40 spots that we have to provide you with customized guidance from our team. You can still get access to the tool and the reports, but you will have to analyze the data on your own to figure out the required steps to get savings.

And don’t forget that every month that goes by you continue to pay Microsoft more than you need to for Office 365 licenses.  That’s money they are taking from your company’s bank account and putting in theirs.  Who do you think needs that more?

The standard subscription is 12 months. A discount is provided for a 3 year term.

There are two ways to access the information that is required. The first is to have someone with Administration Rights to the Office 365 Tenant login to the portal and download the required reports. We provide instructions on downloading these reports. If you are a subscribed client, you can then upload the reports to the portal and our team will do the rest. If you are proactive and downloading the reports to us before we set up your account, you can email them to and our team will take it from there.

We can’t guarantee results as every customer is different. However, our average customer saves 25% on their Office 365 licenses. The worse we’ve seen so far is only a 4% reduction in costs, but that 4% reduction was still a multiple times ROI for what they paid for the tool.

You are signing up to receive a 12-month subscription to the MetrixData 360 Office 365 Optimization tool. All fees and payment options will be presented to you in a formal quote.

The Team


Mike Austin

CEO and Founder of MetrixData 360 Inc.  Ex-Licensing Specialist for Microsoft and globally known Software Asset Management Expert.


Ben Tight

VP Services, Leads all tool development and delivery of client projects.  Leads the development of Office 365 Optimizer.