Meet the experts.

Mike Austin

Mike Austin leads the delivery team at MetrixData 360. Mike brings more than 20 years of Microsoft licensing experience to his clients’ projects. He assists companies, from Fortune 500 to organizations with as few as 500 employees, with negotiations of Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA), Premier Support Contracts, and Select Agreements. He has a vast amount of experience across multiple industries including financial services, high tech, manufacturing, media, health care, government, and retail. In addition to helping negotiate contracts, he assists clients with creating and implementing software asset management processes to prevent over-purchasing of licenses and ensures terms and conditions reflect actual usage.

Previously, Mike was employed by Microsoft for more than 8 years as a member of the global sales execution team responsible for the development of Software Assurance (SA) benefits. With Microsoft, Mike successfully negotiated more than a billion dollars in new and renewal EAs. Mike has also negotiated legal terms and conditions for all software agreements, developed Microsoft’s best practices for global account management, and was awarded Microsoft’s Gold Star Award in 2003 and Circle of Excellence in 2008 for his contributions.

MeetTheExperts BenTight

Ben Tight

Ben is a member of the Executive Management Team and currently holds the position of Director of Delivery and Development at MetrixData 360.

He has worked as an IT Innovator, leader, and Project Manager for over 17 years. Skilled in software development, business strategy, and contractor management, Ben has become an invaluable asset to MetrixData 360. Ben has designed, built, and launched all our in-house tools, tailoring them for faster, more thorough aggregation of your data sets.

Before joining the MetrixData team, Ben directed and managed several projects worth $10+ million and spanning the globe. His contributions to the automation sector have earned Ben the Silver Stevie Award, and garnered an Innovative Software Award for his team in 2007.

Ben has now brought his expertise in process automation data management to MetrixData 360 to help businesses get a clearer picture of their SAM environment, and save money on their licensing needs.