SAM Compass

Software Asset Management Done Better

Get a clear and concise picture of your company’s software installs and deployments. MetrixData 360’s Software Asset Management service will give you certainty in your position. Whether you need to deal with a Microsoft audit or are facing another software license negotiation get the information you need.

What is SAM Compass?

It’s a totally unique and proven service that is powered by the most cohesive Software Asset Management inventory platform. SAM Compass services include best practices and processes established through hundreds of engagements. Our team has unparalleled expertise gained through negotiating more than 1.5 billion dollars in software contracts over the last 15 years.

SAM Compass provides visual reports for your software deployment data to allow for a deeper understanding of your software environment. Presenting the data visually helps drive more decisive and better informed decision making. 

This adds understanding and value to the investments your company makes in software. In turn, this will assist you in making important business decisions surrounding your company’s software environment.

SAM Compass gives you confidence in all of your software license compliance. It works with all software publishers and finds new opportunities to reduce the cost of licensing. 

What Does Software Asset Management do?

What Does SAM Compass Do?

It provides easy access to reports from your data. Proper licensing positions can easily be determined and adjusted as required. With the right data and compliance, you don’t have to fear software publisher audits.

How Does Software Asset Management Compass work

How Does SAM Compass Work?

SAM Compass helps you find ways for your company to improve your software licensing agreements and cut costs. We automate the process to update your licensing needs. As your requirements change, so does your licensing position. 

What SAM Compass helps me learn

What SAM Compass Helps Me Learn

Your organization will learn the best practices for Software Asset Management. You’ll learn how to deal with the challenges of tracking and ensuring compliance in the ever-changing world of managing Software Assets.

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