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Revolutionize Software Asset Management

Organizations rely on software assets to drive return on investment. Which software tools do companies depend on to make light work?

  • Productivity tools.
  • Communication platforms.
  • Content management.
  • Email systems.
  • Operating systems.
  • Telecommunication tools.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Marketing campaign dashboards.
  • CRMs, and so much more!

Software asset management is an integral part of daily operations. But managing software assets can be a daunting task for many organizations. There are so many software licenses, vendors, and changing compliance regulations. So, managing software assets can be time-consuming and expensive.

Tech execs are often left at odds when negotiating software asset contracts. The rising software licensing and maintenance costs burn a hole in your IT budget. Did you know? You can negotiate software licensing while staying on top of software usage compliance.

 Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many enterprises face these challenges and need help finding a solution. But what if there was a way to revolutionize software asset management? MetrixData 360 offers a solution that could change the game for your organization.

That is where Software Asset Management (SAM) comes into play. SAM is the practice of managing and optimizing software assets throughout their lifecycle. That takes place to reduce costs, improve security, and ensure compliance.

Revolutionize Software

How Can You Simplify Software Asset Management?

MetrixData 360 is a leading SAM solutions provider revolutionizing software asset management. No one else makes software asset management this easy for every business to access. MetrixData 360 bridges several barriers for their target customers, including:


MetrixData 360 offers total transparency to support software usage policies. That lets companies see where they can either merge or drop licenses.


Software asset intelligence can adapt to fit an organization’s specific needs. That enables flexibility to manage their software assets optimally.

Cost Savings: 

Some licenses can be cross-functional across various operations. Why have Microsoft OneDrive, Google Workspace, and Dropbox managed file storage? Cost-effective time-saving tools are the only safe option. It is vital to reduce wasted storage.


Metrix Data 360 ensures license compliance by tracking usage. We ensure that you only pay for licenses without which they cannot work.


Here, companies access comprehensive reporting capabilities. That lets them generate detailed reports so they can optimize intelligent decisions easily.

But it wasn’t always this easy! The old and outdated manual process has undoubtedly put many businesses through the backburner. Some of these critical aspects of software asset management include:

Software Discovery

Back in the day, you could only check installed software by one-by-one. Also, did you know some companies are still relying on end-user reports? Metrix Data 360 automates instant scanning of all synced devices on a network. You can also get real-time version control updates. 

Inventory Management

Spreadsheet-based inventory management involves the manual entry of each device and software application.

Now, Metrix Data 360 speeds up inventory management tools. That includes tracking all of the following:

  • Software licenses.
  • License types.
  • License register.
  • Expiration dates.
  • Real-time metrics.

License Compliance

Before, relying on manual audits was the only way to ensure software asset compliance.

New standards allow advanced algorithms to detect the overuse or underuse of licenses. You can receive live notifications and reports to stay up to date.

Usage Tracking

Old methods relied on end-user reports and manual checks to prevent software abuse. Often, updates would be too late.

Today, usage tracking tools provide live company-wide data about overuse and license statuses.


Years ago, manual data capture from various sources to generate reports was the norm.

Now, automated reporting tools that provide real-time data on:

  • Software inventory
  • Usage.
  • Compliance.
  • Version control
  • And any specific need.

Overall, new standards for software asset management streamline business operations. Automated tools enable accurate and real-time insight. That reduces the risk of wastage and immeasurable loss and increases competitive edge.

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How to Lead Software Asset Management

Establish Clear Policies: 

CIOs should establish clear policies for software asset management. Outline the company’s procedures for acquiring, tracking, and disposing of software. These policies should be regularly reviewed and updated as needed.

Use Automated Tools: 

CIOs can leverage automated software asset management tools to simplify tracking software licenses, usage, and compliance. These tools can reduce the time and effort required to manage software assets while improving accuracy and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Conduct Regular Audits: 

Regular software asset audits help CIOs identify areas of non-compliance or inefficiency and make informed decisions about software purchases and licensing.  These audits should be conducted regularly and include an analysis of usage data to identify any areas of over- or under-licensing.

Implement Training and Awareness Programs: 

CIOs should implement training and awareness programs to ensure employees understand the importance of software asset management and their role in maintaining compliance. 

By implementing these strategies, CIOs can gain greater control over their software assets, reduce the dangers of non-compliance, and achieve optimal software asset management.

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Implement Training and Awareness Programs

Why Choose MetrixData 360’s SAM Tools? 

MetrixData 360’s SAM tool is an essential part of IT excellence. 

  • We guard an organization’s software assets, enabling them to manage its licenses efficiently. 
  • We deliver accurate and up-to-date information about software licenses and usage. 
  • We ensure compliance with licensing agreements, avoiding costly penalties and legal issues. 
  • Plus, MetrixData 360’s SAM tool provides insights into software usage. We help organizations make informed decisions about software procurement and deployment.

In conclusion, MetrixData 360’s SAM tool is a game-changer for organizations looking to revolutionize software assets and how they work. Contact us to book a consultation.

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