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Worried That You are Spending Too Much on SQLServer Licensing? Stop Worrying – You’ve Come to the Right Place

Built and delivered by ex-Microsoft Licensing and Audit Specialists and proven in our Fortune 500 client environments, our SQL Server License Optimization service is here to ensure that you are not spending more than you need to.  Talk to us to learn what we can do for you!

We Already Have A SAM Or An Inventory Tool and We Need Help

You’ve invested in a tool to help you with Software Asset Management (such as Flexera, Snow, or ServiceNow SAM Pro) and your team is having a hard time getting an accurate picture of your SQL Licensing position. You ask yourself: How do I use the tool to it’s fullest potential? Can I get the data from the tool? Is the data I get even accurate? What best practices do I need to know? How should my team leverage that SAM Tool to decrease SQL Licensing costs?

We Don’t Know Where to Start in Figuring Out Our SQL Licensing

You may be using spreadsheets to keep track of SQL Servers, or maybe you purchase licenses based on individual project requirements, but you’re not sure if you’re licensed correctly. Maybe you are concerned that Microsoft is going to audit you or afraid of the impact on your IT budget of a potentially big true-up? Not even sure of what data you need to collect or where to start to figure out SQL Server Licenses?

We Know A Lot About SQL Server Licensing

Here are just a few of the things we look at and consider when looking at SQL Licensing:

  • SQL Server License Types (Core, Processor, or Server)
  • How much does SQL Server cost?
  • How do I license SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2017, etc.
  • What about Processor vs. Core Licensing?
  • How to license virtualized instances
  • When to license a Host vs. a SQL VM
  • How SQL Cloud Mobility works
  • The best way to license SQL in AWS or Azure
  • How to accurately track non-production environments (e.g. UAT, Dev, Test, etc.)
  • When to purchase MSDN subscriptions vs production licenses
  • Which component of SQL Server are licensable, and which are not
  • How to accurately capture inventory for SQL including editions (most tools currently in market do not accurately capture)
  • What your specific license program allows you to do (or not do) regardless if you’re on an EA, SCE, MPSA, Open License, or some other program
  • How to accurately map virtualized SQL Servers to VMWare (or any other hypervisor)
  • When it is necessary to license SQL Server if it’s installed on a desktop
  • How to count true-up requirements for SQL Server

How MetrixData 360 Can Help You with SQL Server Licensing or an Audit

We Provide You With A Customer Selected/Vetted Toolset For A Do-It-Yourself Option

MetrixData 360 has created tools that we use in our practice to help some of the largest organizations in the world effectively manage their SQL Server Licenses. We provide instructions and a video library to effectively collect the data required to create an Effective License Position (ELP) for SQL Server. MetrixData 360’s licensing experts will review internally generated SQL License Positions and provide a detailed analysis and feedback so updated reporting can be generated quickly and efficiently with confidence in the future.

MetrixData 360 SQL Server Self Assessment Analysis & Recommendations

Let us do it for you! We take all the hard work off your plate, simply run a couple of reports out of existing inventory tools and leave the rest up to the licensing experts at MetrixData 360. These self-assessments can run anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how complicated your environment is and how challenging your inventory data is. At the end of the engagement, you will receive a full report on your SQL Server environment and a license position so that you know exactly where you sit with SQL Licensing.

Help Me Build A SQL Server License Position In My SAM Tool

You have already invested in a SAM Tool, but you either can’t make the SQL Server reports work (not uncommon) or you don’t trust that the data is giving you a complete picture. Let our team train you on how to do this. We have worked with all the major SAM Tools in the market and can help your team make your tool work as intended. This may be accomplished simply by accurately configuring your tool or supplementing it with some of our in-house developed SQL Licensing toolsets.

I’m Moving SQL Server To The Cloud (Azure or AWS) And I Need Help

Not correctly sizing instances to move to the cloud is one of the single biggest mistakes we see companies make. Over sizing your instances on either Azure or AWS could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted spend year over year. We have developed a proprietary offering in partnership with Densify. The service will assist in sizing instances as you move from on-premise to the cloud, as well as monitoring these once you are in the cloud to ensure you have visual reporting on cloud expenditures and that they are optimized accordingly.

Put Our 60+ Combined Years of Microsoft Licensing Expertise to Work Helping You Save Money and Sleep Easily Knowing That You are Compliant with Microsoft SQL Licensing Terms.

How Much Does A SQL Self-Assessment Cost?

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