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Oracle Java Audits – Are You at Risk?

Recently Oracle announced massive changes to how Oracle Java is licensed.  These changes impact everything from how Java is licensed to how the patches and update system works.

Given that Oracle has a history of aggressive audit practices and Java is everywhere, many organizations are very concerned.  Companies are worried about what’s deployed on their networks and the possibility of a non-compliant finding worth potentially millions of dollars.

We have not seen official Oracle Java audits yet but given Oracle’s history with auditing it’s only a matter of time before they move to monetize Java. You don’t want to learn about a licensing gap during an audit.

We recommend getting ahead of the issue by performing a self-assessment of your environment to determine your potential Java licensing exposure.  The challenge is that licensable Java titles are not always easily identified, and it can be time consuming.  

Introducing MetrixData 360’s SAM Compass for Java!

Sam Compass for Java takes the guesswork and data crunching away from you and provides you with a team of licensing experts who quickly get you actionable data so you can make informed decisions.

We are your Software Asset Management experts and we will quickly and efficiently:

Collect and normalize Oracle Java deployment/entitlement data
Identify licensable Java titles
Provide you with an Effective Licence Position
Provide gap mitigation recommendations

Don’t wait on Oracle to call! Be proactive and take advantage of our introductory pricing by calling or emailing us and mention the promo code “Java”.

Contact us at info@metrixdata360.com 

or call us at 888-978-5129 to learn more.

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