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How to Hire a SAM Expert

Why Hiring the Right SAM Expert Matters

While it’s true Software Asset Management might not be the mostly widely understood industry, it is no less important to the impact on your IT Budget. When you hire a SAM expert that knows what they’re doing, you will ensure that your software environment is in compliance with any software vendors you have contracts with, your organization’s IT infrastructure is compliant and up to date, and, if done correctly, will return money to your IT Budget by decreasing your overall year-over-year software spend through optimization.

At Metrixdata360, our eighty years’ experience in this industry has left us knowing exactly what a quality Software Asset Manager should look like. If they perform their job correctly, you will rest easy knowing your compliance against your software contracts is backed by solid data and you are getting the most out of your software budget.

The Choices for Picking your Software Asset Management Expert

At the helm of an organized Software Asset Management project you will need a strong SAM expert, and there are three options you can select from: you can install an internalized team, you can hire an external source, or you can select a hybrid of the two. In this blog post, we will go over the three types of resources in depth so that you can decide which one is right for you.

Role of a Software Asset Management Expert

Before you hire a SAM expert, it’s important to understand what a SAM expert does. Their role doesn’t end simply with the deployment of software. They also track a software’s usage to make sure that you remain compliant with the vendor and to optimize a software’s cost efficiency. This means they are the ones who will find where your spending with a vendor can be cut, and will negotiate for these better terms during your next contract renewal.

They keep your licenses in order using SAM tools and IT assistance, and they will also play a vital role should you be audited. The software auditors will come after your data to prove that you are out of compliance and for that you will need your Software Asset Manager to oversee the collection of that data and the proper use of your SAM tools.

Hiring an In-House Software Asset Management Expert

Hiring an in-house software asset manager can be a great investment for your company. They can really own the project of software assets and can get to know your architecture inside and out. Usually a software asset management team is extremely valuable for the daily management of software assets. The first thing you want to look for in your future software asset management expert is their experience.

ITAM’s article Software Asset Management Analyst Job Description talks about how typically, software asset managers have a history in finance, business, risk management, or following the more obvious route, Senior IT and/or software development. Moving on to their experience, according to KPMG’s SAM expert training outline, Software Asset Managers need to have a proven track record of handling a project’s setup and management while balancing stakeholder relationships.

They will need to know software licensing in and out, from license agreements to metrics and scenarios, so a history in the legal field of software compliance should also be considered an asset. Your future SAM expert will need to be a master at the verbal and written communication required to conduct vendor relations and contract renewals effectively. Lastly, a strong SAM expert will serve you very little without having an effective SAM tool on their side along with the ability to harness that SAM tool.

Therefore, the skills to learn and manage your software environment should be considered a strong personality trait. If you have a member of your staff already in mind for the task of your new SAM expert but they lack the education, training for Software Asset Management is also available through ITIL and ISO 19770 training courses, which educate on the relevant standards and legislation that govern the industry.

Outsourcing Your Software Asset Management

As covered in from the ITAM Review with an internalized team, you save time and resources that would have otherwise been spent coordinating with the third-party team. However, few companies have the resources and knowledge needed to build their own internalized team to manage their software assets and that is why many companies opt into a partnership with a third-party SAM expert like us.

If you’ve decided on a third-party SAM expert that looks promising, you will want to examine the vendor to make sure that they can deliver value for the costs of their services. Powerhomebiz.com’s article How to Hire an Expert or Consultant recommends checking their past records to make sure that they can deliver you the results they offer. Their education and experience should be like the ideal SAM expert stated above.

At Metrixdata360, for instance, we are made up of legal experts, ex-auditors, IT experts, and former software vendor employees. Inquire into the SAM tools that your vendor will be using – a SAM expert that aims to get the job done with just a spreadsheet will be of little value to you. Start a dialogue with them and see how well they listen and incorporate your stated requirements into their strategy. Make sure that the consultant team is willing and able to work within the budget you lay out for them but most importantly, go with what feels right and trust your instincts.

For more information about Hiring a SAM Expert, check out our article 4 Signs It’s Time To Hire A SAM Professional.

Hybrid Software Asset Management

Rolling the SAM Dice: In-House vs. Managed from the ITAM Review brings up the third option for hiring a SAM expert that has become a popular choice amongst businesses. This hybrid solution is buying the SAM tools yourself, having it installed in your environment, and hiring a third-party SAM expert to manage your SAM tools.

This allows you to control the methods used while also being assured that your assets are being properly managed. This is ideal for either companies who are effective in managing their daily software usage but need help with the sudden arrival of an audit, or companies whose data is too sensitive to be let outside their environment.

Regardless of what you pick, make sure that you find something that matches your unique profile before the software auditors are at your door. SAM, if conducted correctly, can save you up to 30% of your current software budget while also allowing you to maintain your relationship with your software vendor. At Metrixdata360, we offer a variety of services including audit preparation, contract negotiation and SAM tools to help you on your journey to full SAM coverage. So don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you can keep up to date with the newest developments across the SAM industry. All the best in your SAM hunt!

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