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Software Asset Management as a Service

As an organization’s software needs grow and mature, Software Asset Management becomes more complex and difficult to manage. These difficulties and complexities have led to the emergence of Software Asset Management as a service. For many businesses, an entire team is often needed to stay on top of Software Deployments, and contractual obligations while ensuring Compliance and Optimization. Many times, that team is tasked with not only with keeping track of a single software publisher but, many. Of course, staffing a team that is dedicated to such an important portfolio is an expensive prospect, especially at a time when businesses are looking to reduce over-all spend. With Software Audits being such a common revenue generating tool for all software publishers, it has never been more important to truly understand your company’s licensing position at any given time.

While we can certainly agree that it is important to have a firm grasp on your Software Asset Management practice, the difficult question remains; “ What is the best and most cost effective approach to managing software deployments and Software Asset Management as a whole?”

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits to Software Asset Management As A Service.

Benefits of SAM as a Service

  • Reduce Costs:

    There’s no need to staff an entire SAM team with deep expertise for every vendor.  With a Software Asset Management As A Service offerings, a team of Licensing Specialists who are specifically trained and highly experienced with each publisher specifically will accurately and professionally manage your license deployments for you and keep you informed about the constant changes that publishers make to their licensing rules and use rights.

  • Identify Ongoing Opportunities to Control and Cut Costs:

    Are you under-deployed, do you have a compliance gap? MetrixData 360’s Software Asset Management as a Service offering gives you confidence that your software deployments are fully optimized, and you’re set-up for success with your next True-Up, Contract Renewal or Audit defense. Oh, and by the way,  these services that we would generally offer as individual consulting engagements are all part of the services you receive.

  • Visualize Software Licensing and Deployment Data:

    Software Asset Management As A Service allows for a true, accurate and up to date picture of your deployments, thanks to SAM Compass Visual Reporting. No more waiting for weeks for an estimated license position and a detailed optimization report. SAM Compass provided near real time reporting for all publishers you choose to include.

  • Be Prepared for Your Annual True-Up or Contract Renewal:

    Software Asset Management as a Service arms your organization with facts to ensure you pay less (or not at all) when you true-up or renew your software contract. Our licensing and negotiation experts are available to discuss strategy and options to ensure you get the best deal possible as part of the services.

  • Understand Your Licensing Position:

    With SAM Compass Software Asset Management as a Service, you have access an Estimated License Position (ELP) and Optimization reporting on a defined cadence for any major software publisher of your choice (Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Adobe and more).

  • We are Familiar with Outputs and Data from any SAM Tool:

    In order to properly leverage Software Asset Management as a Service, MetrixData 360’s experience in running hundreds of license optimization and audit engagements means that we have seen just every tool on the market. No need to reinvest in a new tool. We can use what you have and assist in fine tuning outputs to clean up data to give a clear concise picture of your licensing position. If you don’t currently have a tool, we will bring our own proven tool box for you and include that as part of the services as well.

Software Asset Management As A Service:
What Can I Do To Learn More?

Is SAM As A Service something your organization would like to learn more about? Would it help you sleep better at night, knowing you have a clear and concise picture of your company’s software deployments and total certainty in your effective license position in the face of potential audit or contract renewal activities, MetrixData 360’s Software Asset Management Service; SAM Compass, is the answer!

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